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What is 'real'?

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What is 'real'?

Post by Ansem The Shade on Thu Dec 12, 2013 9:59 pm

Simple musings on reality, based upon reality and it's misgivings. My most basic beliefs are that reality is how the masses, or majority of the people, perceive information and interpret it. The basics of everything are the most simple, however, and, as I've grown, I've also grown to understand how the way we, as people and as persons, perceive our environment. We change, adapt, and this constant friction causes us to become callous, and uncaring, even indifferent to the suffering of others. We also learn how to lock up our hearts, and put up a mask so that none can see what is within, and that, for the most part, is a fragile, broken shell of what we were before we began to grow up and learn that the world is pain, life is suffering, and that nothing is fair, simply that everything is how it is, and we can't change it. This is a fact of life that we simply accept. People die, brothers cry, and the suffering that ensues is sure to beget hatred. Hatred chains the world, and the cycle starts anew. Someone dies, someone cries, and then they grow to hate the world, themselves, their brothers and sisters, and everything around them. It is true, yes, that hatred is a very strong emotion. That said, I've found recently that NOTHING, and I mean Nothing is stronger than love. Be it fairness, faith, hatred, depression, even your most inner demons, love conquers all. This is both from feeling this wonderful emotion, and seeing it first hand. Upon this topic, I now have one belief that encompasses all of this reasoning I have laid at your feet, and that is quite simple: Reality is what we perceive, that is true, but reality is also love, hate, pain, sorrow, and any other emotion, because without pain, you will never know relief, without sorrow; joy, without hate; love. It is for this reason that I find emotion, no matter what emotion, is worth having, so that you can truly perceive reality and truly enjoy love. As I said, simple musings of a mad man gone wise, and nothing more. I hope that at least one person here takes something out of this. Good day.

Ansem The Shade

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Re: What is 'real'?

Post by Riddle Prince on Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:39 pm

Not bad.
Riddle Prince

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